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Common McMyAdmin Problems

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McMyAdmin web interface Content Decoding error

If your browser displays a white screen or a decoding error when trying to browse to your McMyAdmin interface, try the following:

  • Clear your browsers cache, and restart it.
  • Re-generate your md5 password and insert it into McMyAdmin.conf


McMyAdmin not monitoring Minecraft server on non-english systems

Edit your McMyAdmin.conf line and add


To your java.customopts setting.


Startup Stall / Server has started but is not yet accepting players.

This issue seems to mostly affect Windows XP and Server 2003 servers. The result is that after trying to start the Minecraft server, McMyAdmin appears to stall until the enter key is pressed.

First things to try:

  • XP Users, make sure you're using Service Pack 3. If you're using Service Pack 2 or lower, you must upgrade to SP3.
  • Installing the latest version of the .Net Framework (3.5 SP1) Download

Failing both of those, try performing the following:

When it says to restart, DO IT! do not think you know better or double guess that it can be skipped - it is *absolutely* completely necessary!

You have no idea how many people skip that step and then complain it doesn't work, only to find that it starts working if you repeat the steps with a restart.

  1. Go to Add/Remove Programs
  2. Uninstall all versions of java
  3. Reboot the system (Do not skip this step. If you fail to restart it will not work!)
  4. Install the JDK 7 Beta from
  5. Start McMyAdmin

In some cases you may also need to do one or more the following:

  • Edit your McMyAdmin.conf, change jvm=client to jvm=server
  • Explicitly set your javapath= in your McMyAdmin.conf to your java installation path.

The server should now start as normal.


Web browser times out when trying to connect remotely (Windows Hosts)

This is usually caused by the standard Windows firewall (or a 3rd party firewall) blocking incoming TCP connections on port 8080 (or whatever is set as the port to use in McMyAdmin.conf) - You need to either add an exception for the port in use, or for the McMyAdmin executable.


GDIPlus error when starting McMyAdmin with a custom banner image

This is caused by using an 8 bit palleted image. Convert the image to a 24 or 32-bit image first and it will work as normal.

This has been addressed in McMyAdmin A 24/32 bit image is still required, but an 8 bit image will no longer cause a crash - but image generation will be disabled. Edit

System.TypeLoadException at startup

This is caused by libgdiplus not being installed under GNU/Linux systems when trying to generate the server status image. You can either install it using your distributions package manager, or disable image generation by setting statusimage=0 in your McMyAdmin.conf


"The requested FontFamily could not be found" error under Linux

McMyAdmin requires that at least one font in the "Sans Serif" family is installed, e.g. "Bitstream Vera Sans".

Under most distributions this can be found in the "Core Fonts" or "urw-fonts" package.


Server fails to start when using more than 4GB of RAM

This is caused by using a 32 bit of the Java virtual machine. If you want to use more than 4GB then you need to download and install the 64-bit version of Java.


The web panel shows 0% CPU usage when running under Mac OS

There is a bug in the Mono runtime that prevents McMyAdmin from correctly calculating CPU usage. A workaround is used to make this work under GNU/Linux systems, but no Mac OS solution exists at this time.

See Mono Bugzilla entry #595576


The web panel stops updating CPU and Memory usage

Occasionally McMyAdmin fails to query the state of the Java process running Minecraft. The reason for this is not yet known. When this happens it stops updating CPU and Memory usage information in order to prevent further errors. It can be resolved by simply restarting the Minecraft server or in some cases McMyAdmin as well.


32-bit error under Mac OS

This happens because the downloadable version of Mono for Mac OS is only 32-bit instead of 64-bit. In order to get 64-bit support in Mac OS, you must download and compile mono by hand.

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