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Next Release notes for : McMyAdmin Release Notes


Changes for version


New Features

  • All new web interface!
  • Multi-user support
  • Full console access
  • API Documentation
  • JSONP support in JSON API
  • Native 64-bit Linux Support (No more installing Mono!)
  • World seed can now be specified via the web interface
  • Fault recovery settings are configurable via the web interface
  • Script Redirection support (Send the output of a script to the input of the Minecraft server)
  • LDAP authentication (Enterprise edition only)
  • Easy-to-use installer for Windows
  • Support for 'Beta' builds of CraftBukkit (But not Development builds)
  • Permissions exporting support for PermissionsEx
  • New -setpass command line argument to easily change the main password on the command line.
  • New -configonly command line argument to apply configuration changes without starting McMyAdmin.
  • New config setting to specify a security certificate for SSL (Either self-signed or from a certificate broker)
  • New config setting to specify a suffix to the console window title (Windows only)
  • New config setting to force certain settings within the Minecraft server regardless of changes to the config file. (e.g.: server.forcesetting=port:25567 - you can add multiple lines like this)


McMyAdmin Compatibility Plugin Changes

  • Compatible with Bukkit 1.2.4+
  • New '/pushcommand' command - Other plugins can use this to notify MCMA of commands. E.g. /pushcommand addmember donators Joe


Feature Enhancements

  • New high-performance web server
  • Improved web server caching
  • Improved switching between Bukkit <-> Vanilla in the web interface
  • Improved reliability of MCMA Updater
  • Improved console text layout and coloring
  • Improved mobile device handling (Animations and FX are disabled, non-essential elements collapse to save space, UI is fully touch friendly)


Security Improvements

  • Improved XSS protection
  • Improved in-page validation
  • API requires accept: text/javascript or application/json to prevent inline attacks
  • Brute-force attack protection:
    • Maximum 1 login request per IP per second
    • 5 successive failed requests locks out the client for 2 minutes, only reduces failure count by 1 (another failed request triggers another 2 minute cooldown, etc)


Bug Fixes

  • Web server can now be bound to a single IP address
  • Fixed long delay when downloading files via MCMA (such as Bukkit Updates)
  • Fixed exporting of dictionaries in YAMLSerializer
  • Fixed character escaping issues
  • Fixed stalls when using 'restart and rotate log' schedule entry
  • Fixed mono version detection for diagnostics
  • Fixed some notification settings not being applied
  • Fixed escaping issues in the web UI (You can enter &f and other colors as a prefix for example)


Other Changes

  • The provider information for McMyAdmin Enterprise licences is now mandatory.
  • Official support for Internet Explorer 8 has been dropped.
  • The status image has been temporarily omitted due to a dependency issue and will return in a future update.
  • Logger for triggered schedule events no longer raises log entries for internal MCMA events not controlled by the user.
  • McMyAdmin Updater no longer relies on zlib

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